Expos are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and traction, but with limited time and resources, engaging with many visitors can be daunting. One of our clients, participating in a major expo, faced this exact challenge. They needed to connect with as many visitors as possible, but with only a small team, it was difficult to manage during rush hours. Here’s how GamifyRoute helped them shine.

The Challenge

During expos, businesses aim to capture visitor contact details quickly, hoping to convert these leads into sales once the event is over. However, with limited staff and high visitor traffic, engaging effectively with everyone can be overwhelming. Traditional methods of contact collection, like pen and paper, were proving inefficient and slow.

The Innovative Solution: GamifyRoute.com

To tackle this issue, our client implemented GamifyRoute’s gamification solutions, specifically the **Spin the Wheel** campaign. This engaging solution allowed them to attract more visitors and streamline the contact collection process.

Here’s how it worked:

  1. Spin the Wheel Campaign: Visitors were invited to scan a QR code, fill out a quick form with their basic details, and spin the wheel to win various freebies. 🎁
  2. Efficient Data Collection: The opt-in form ensured that all visitor data was collected digitally, saving time and reducing errors.
  3. CRM Integration: The collected data was seamlessly sent to their CRM using GamifyRoute’s integration features, allowing for easy follow-up and nurturing of leads. 📊
  4. Inventory Management: They could track the number of freebies given out, helping them plan better for the next day.

 The Results

The impact of this innovative approach was significant:

  • Standout Presence: Using a modern, digital approach, our client stood out from competitors who still relied on pen and paper.
  • Increased Visitor Engagement: They managed to engage with more visitors efficiently, even during peak hours.
  • Excitement and Participation: The gamified element of spinning the wheel excited visitors and encouraged participation.
  • All Digital Data: With all data collected digitally, they could easily integrate it into their CRM and plan follow-ups and meetings.


Implementing GamifyRoute’s solutions not only helped our client manage visitor engagement more effectively but also provided a memorable and fun experience for attendees. This strategy significantly improved their ROI on expo investment, making them stand out in a crowded space and ensuring they left a lasting impression on visitors. 🚀