Customers find great pleasure in playing games that offer a chance to win something, and virtual scratch-off cards are an excellent way to provide such an experience. Incorporating virtual scratch-off cards into your company’s offerings can create a lot of excitement among customers.

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What are virtual scratch cards?

Digital scratch-off cards, also known as virtual scratch-off cards, add an exciting element to any industry. By simply scratching the card, customers have the chance to win a prize. This innovative approach can be particularly useful for businesses such as restaurants or retail stores.

For instance, you can offer a discount of up to 20% on a customer’s next visit to your restaurant. This imaginative concept is sure to leave a lasting impression on customers and draw them back for more.

Reasons to use virtual scratch-off coupons

Enhance your brand recognition

Introducing a virtual scratch-off card is a unique and effective way to boost your brand awareness. By offering customers the chance to win exciting prizes, you create a buzz that will spread like wildfire among their social circles. This personalized and engaging customer experience is guaranteed to enhance your brand recognition and set you apart from your competitors.

Increase foot traffic to your store

Implementing a digital scratch-off card in your marketing strategy can boost foot traffic to your store. As customers engage with the interactive game and share their experience with others, it could pique the interest of potential new customers to visit your store and try their luck with the game as well.

Improve your conversion rates

By offering virtual scratch-off coupons to your customers, you increase their likelihood of making spontaneous purchases. This creates a win-win situation for both you and your customers, as they receive a prize and you gain a new sale. Utilizing this marketing strategy can ultimately improve your conversion rates and benefit your business.

How can Gamify Route’s virtual scratch-off cards benefit your business?

Incorporate entertainment with gamification

Many individuals find enjoyment in engaging in games, particularly when there is a possibility of obtaining a prize. The sensation of gaining something that others did not add to the allure. Such games can also encourage consumers to make unplanned purchases.

Enhance your brand’s visibility

Enhance your brand recognition by incorporating your logo, images, and branding into your virtual scratch-off cards. This simple addition can work wonders in increasing your brand’s visibility and leaving a lasting impression on your target audience.

Integrated templates

Our team has developed a range of expertly crafted templates that are available for your use. These templates have been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to personalize and tailor them to your unique style and brand.

Flexible retries & resets

As a business, there are various ways to enhance customer experience by implementing a reset timer and retries feature. By providing users with an additional opportunity to play the game, they are empowered to try their luck once again. The beauty of this approach is that you have the flexibility to tailor it to your unique business needs and customer preferences.

Set up favorable winning probabilities

Our software offers limitless possibilities when it comes to setting up prizes for your virtual scratch-off game. You have the flexibility to define the odds of winning and customize the winning and losing messages according to your preference. For instance, you can personalize the message to read ‘Great news! You have qualified for a 20% discount on your next purchase.

Determine prize limitations

It is within your power to set restrictions on prize offerings. You have the freedom to tailor these limits to your liking, ensuring that each prize is exclusive to a single customer.

Acquire Data

Prior to granting access to the game, kindly request patrons to complete a form or opt for social logins. By doing so, you can gather valuable customer information, which can be utilized for future purposes.

Distributing through multiple channels

distribution through multiple channel

The versatile Gamify Route platform offers a multitude of options to distribute your digital scratch-off card via your preferred communication channels. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, email, SMS, or any other medium, you can seamlessly send your card with ease.

Validation methods

Customers can validate their digital scratch-off card through a range of three validation methods offered by our platform.


There are several advantages for organizations that adopt virtual scratch-off cards. For one, these cards have been shown to increase customer engagement, as people enjoy the thrill of playing a game and potentially winning a prize. Additionally, winning a prize can make customers feel good about their decision to shop with that organization, potentially leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

Creating virtual scratch-off cards has become incredibly effortless with the innovative Gamify Route platform. Take advantage of this opportunity today by registering for a trial account and designing your very own virtual scratch-off card with ease.