In today’s digital age, scratch cards have transitioned from physical to virtual. With the convenience of instant gratification, the online scratch card industry has seen a surge in popularity. Digital scratch cards offer an opportunity to win big prizes without leaving the comfort of your own home.

However, navigating the world of digital scratch cards can be overwhelming for beginners, hence the need for a comprehensive guide.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of digital scratch cards, offering you a complete guide that covers everything you need to know about these exciting games. We will explore the different types of scratch cards available, including themed and progressive scratch cards.

What are digital scratch cards?

Digital scratch cards are a sophisticated tool utilized by businesses to enhance engagement and interaction with their online presence. This innovative gamification technique offers delightful and playful incentives to prompt audiences into interaction with a website.

Digital scratch cards are an ideal way to reward customers, employees, and partners, and their simple setup and remarkable effectiveness make them indispensable assets in the modern business world.

How can I make a game online that works like a scratch card?

If you aspire to make your custom digital scratch card on the internet, you may want to consider employing a virtual scratch card generator. These generators offer a comprehensive framework that can help you start your project.

To build your scratch card, you must integrate available software with your current applications instead of building one from the ground up.

The creation of scratch cards has been made simpler and hassle-free with the advent of digital scratch card creators. These creators aid in streamlining the process, enabling you to personalize your campaign with ease, incorporating your brand, and effectively managing prize distribution and winning probabilities.

Further details on this will be discussed below.

Can you explain how to create a scratch card game for mobile devices?

Before proceeding, it’s important to establish the platform where your digital scratch card will be shared. You may opt to embed it on your website, utilize our hosted micro-site or integrate it into your app. The beauty of this is that you have absolute control and can disseminate it wherever you see fit.

How can I develop a digital scratch card promotional campaign?

1. Decide how many scratch-off to-win cards to include

Depending on the purpose of your campaign, you have the option to include several scratch-off cards with varying winning potentials.

2. You can make your scratch cards unique by customizing them online.

If you’re looking to establish an exclusive digital scratch card campaign, you’ll need to tailor your online game. BeeLiked can help you with that by allowing you to incorporate your brand’s logos, imagery, font, colors, and video, delivering a personalized experience.

Using generic templates can be uninspiring while putting in the effort to create a polished, on-brand campaign will entice users to participate.

3. Please decide where you want the players to be directed after they enter.

Gamify Route’s digital scratch card generators offer a remarkable feature that allows you to steer your campaign and guide players toward a specific landing page of your preference.

This is an excellent marketing strategy for product launches or promotions, as it enables you to increase awareness and introduce customers to thrilling new products subtly and engagingly, rather than through conventional and uninteresting marketing tactics.

By acquainting your audience with a fresh product, you have simultaneously presented them with an opportunity to engage in an enjoyable and interactive experience. As a valued customer, various incentives and actual prizes await you.

You can either direct them to a dedicated page on your website or furnish them with a discount code, which can be redeemed online or at the store. The possibilities are limitless and entirely within your control.

4. Send automated personalized content

After your players have completed the game, consider sending them a personalized email as a follow-up. This is an effective strategy to maximize your digital scratch card campaign and show your customers how much you appreciate their support.

It’s a great way to keep your brand on their minds and demonstrate that you have created a smart and interactive experience that is beneficial for them. If necessary, integrating with coupon providers is simple, but if you have your codes, it’s best to use them.

Who can use a digital scratch card game?

The digital scratch card game is a versatile tool that can be utilized by anyone. Through case studies, it has been proven that both large and small companies can effectively implement a scratch card campaign with the proper approach.

Moreover, it can serve as an internal tool for companies to boost employee engagement, recognize hard work, and reward their workforce.

By limiting the number of entries and restricting play to specific individuals, companies can easily set up a scratch card promotion for a select group of employees or a department. This makes it a straightforward and enjoyable employee reward initiative that can quickly be organized without any complications.

Digital scratch cards function in much the same way as their traditional paper counterparts that have enjoyed long-term popularity. With a simple click-and-scratch action using the mouse, users can reveal a prize or reward hidden beneath an image.

The game operates on a chance-based principle, and promotional campaigns can be customized to reward a predetermined number of lucky winners with prizes of your choice.

This allows for the creation of a digital scratch card game that can offer varying levels of rewards, from a select few to everyone who participates.

Do online scratch cards work?

Absolutely, without a doubt! The effectiveness of digital scratch cards has been demonstrated countless times in our previous marketing campaigns. We have tangible evidence, showcased in our case studies, that these cards have successfully increased engagement and conversion rates.

Benefits of using a digital scratch card

1. Improved customer experience

The utilization of digital scratch cards has revolutionized the customer experience in various industries. With the ease of accessibility and convenience, customers can easily purchase and redeem digital scratch cards through their mobile devices or online platforms.

This has significantly improved the customer journey by eliminating the need to physically visit stores or scratch off paper cards.

Furthermore, digital scratch cards allow for real-time tracking and management of rewards, providing customers with instant gratification and personalized offers.

Improved customer experience through digital scratch cards has resulted in increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, ultimately leading to positive business outcomes.

2. Increased engagement

The use of digital scratch cards has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a range of benefits to businesses and consumers alike. The increased engagement in this technology can be attributed to its convenience, ease of use, and the potential rewards that come with it.

By utilizing digital scratch cards, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales. With the ability to customize the design and reward options, digital scratch cards provide a unique and personalized experience for customers.

Additionally, the ease of distribution and redemption ensures that customers can easily access and utilize the rewards offered. As such, it is no surprise that the benefits of digital scratch cards have led to increased engagement and adoption of this technology.

3. They strengthen customer loyalty

Digital scratch cards can be a great way to show appreciation to your loyal customers and hardworking employees. When customers feel a connection to a brand, they are more likely to return and make purchases.

By offering incentives for customers to trust and interact with your brand, you can build a relationship that keeps you on top of their minds for their future needs.

The same goes for employees – by recognizing their hard work, you can create a positive work environment that fosters loyalty and dedication. Overall, investing in these types of rewards is a smart business strategy that can lead to long-term success.

4. They improve lead generation

Improve lead generation in digital scratch card

The effectiveness of gamification in generating leads and improving ROI has been consistently demonstrated through various studies. This is mainly attributed to its ability to enhance customer engagement and create a lasting impression on customers

Gamification campaigns can prove to be highly beneficial for businesses due to a multitude of factors, ultimately resulting in favorable outcomes for the organization leading the campaign.

  • By incorporating a captivating game with enticing rewards, you can effectively capture the attention of your target audience and encourage them to actively engage with your campaign. This strategy not only enhances your brand visibility but also increases the likelihood of your message being heard and acted upon.
  • By offering incentives such as freebies, vouchers, or points, you can motivate site visitors to engage with your content and take action. This can result in an increase in conversions, benefiting both the visitors and your business.
  • As more and more visitors engage with, appreciate, and share branded content, the visibility of the brand increases. This can effectively promote the brand across various platforms, among diverse audiences, and enhance its reach.

5. They can promote products

They can promote products in digital scratch card

Incorporating digital scratch cards can prove to be a useful tool in product marketing. By offering customers the opportunity to click and reveal potential discounts on new products, businesses can generate excitement and engagement on their websites.

This win-win approach encourages customer interaction and provides an avenue for businesses to expand their reach and attract a wider audience with creative assets. Ultimately, this simple incentive can lead to increased customer satisfaction and drive sales.

6. They’re quick to implement

Digital scratch cards offer the advantage of being incredibly simple and fast to create and initiate. Utilizing a pre-designed model and effortless integration, you can smoothly integrate our gamification promotions into your current operations and structures without any difficulties.

From the idea to the execution stage, your scratch card campaign can be completed in just a few hours. With quick and easy implementation, there’s no need to wait for a complex solution to be developed from scratch. BeeLiked has already done all the work for you.

7. They’re great at enhancing your sales funnels

Scratch card promotions offer a clear advantage in boosting your sales funnel. They provide a personalized and memorable buyer journey, which contributes to an enhanced customer experience. This is likely to have a positive impact on your sales, since customers feel valued, appreciated, and understood.

By incentivizing them with a chance to win, scratch cards can increase awareness, generate interest, and even influence their purchasing decisions. This effective strategy leads customers down an interactive path, ultimately driving genuine interest and engagement.

8. They’re fully optimized for mobile

It is imperative to optimize your online presence for mobile usage, especially if you aim to launch a successful campaign. With the increasing trend of mobile e-commerce, it is crucial to keep up with the pace and ensure that your application runs smoothly.

Thus, we have ensured that all our gamification solutions are fully optimized for mobile to cater to the needs of our customers and employees. Our digital scratch card creator is a testimony to our commitment to providing a seamless user experience, allowing everyone to participate and play from anywhere, anytime.