Running a mall is no small feat, especially when weekday footfall plummets but operational costs remain constant. One of our valued customers, who manages a bustling mall, faced this exact challenge. With dwindling weekday visitors, they were still incurring the same fixed costs, creating a significant strain on their business. 😟

The Challenge

Weekday visits were alarmingly low, impacting not only the mall’s revenue but also the vibrancy and appeal of the shopping center. Despite the lull in customer traffic, the mall’s fixed costs—such as utilities, staffing, and maintenance—remained unchanged. This imbalance was unsustainable and demanded an innovative solution to attract more visitors during the weekdays.

The Innovative Solution:

To tackle this problem, our customer turned to, our cutting-edge platform designed to boost customer engagement through gamification. They decided to use the **Scratch and Win Campaign**, a feature that was incredibly easy to set up and ready to start in just a few clicks. 🎉

Here’s how they turned things around:

  1. Social Media Campaigns: They launched engaging campaigns on various social media platforms to reach a broader audience. 📱
  2. Incentivized Discounts: Potential customers were offered attractive discounts in exchange for their contact details, creating a database for future marketing efforts.
  3. Weekday-Exclusive Claims: These discounts were only redeemable on weekdays, encouraging customers to visit the mall during these quieter periods.
  4. Scratch and Win Excitement: The Scratch and Win Campaign tapped into human psychology, as customers were eager to try their luck, leading to better engagement and participation.

The Results

The beauty of this strategy was that discounts were only given if the customers visited the mall, ensuring no upfront costs for unclaimed discounts. The results were remarkable:

  • Increased Footfall: Weekday visits surged, bringing more life and energy to the mall. 🛍️
  • Cost Efficiency: The mall didn’t incur additional costs unless the discount was used, making the campaign economically efficient.
  • Customer Engagement: The innovative approach not only drew more visitors but also enhanced customer engagement and loyalty.


Through our innovative gamification solution, our customer successfully transformed their weekday footfall dilemma into a thriving opportunity. By incentivizing weekday visits with strategically planned social media campaigns and the exciting Scratch and Win feature, they not only managed to boost their traffic but also did so without incurring unnecessary costs.

This story is a testament to how creative problem-solving and smart marketing strategies can turn challenges into triumphs. We’re proud to have played a part in their success and look forward to helping more businesses achieve similar results. 🌟