The automotive industry is quickly becoming a leader in the scratch-off gaming world. Scratch-off games in the automotive industry allow customers to win prizes and discounts on car parts, services, and accessories.

Automotive dealerships or service centers typically distribute these games as part of their marketing efforts.

For example, when a customer visits an auto dealer for a repair job, they may be presented with a scratch-off game card which can be redeemed for discounts on select items.

Customers simply scratch off the designated area of the card to reveal if they’ve won a prize or discount.

The growing popularity of these games has made them an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to attract new customers and reward loyalty.

With their user-friendly nature, scratch-off games in the automotive industry have become an increasingly popular way to engage customers while providing valuable savings opportunities at the same time.

One Scratch-off Game Campaign Scenario

Scratch-off game campaigns provide a great opportunity for the automotive industry to engage with customers and increase sales. A successful scratch-off game campaign involves creating an engaging digital experience that drives customers to take action.

If you’re buying a car or getting it serviced, you can join in a fun in-store game – scan the QR code in the showroom.

If you’re at the car showroom, check out the flat-screen TVs! They’ve got cameras pointing to where the QR code is displayed so you can join the game. It’s a great way to pass the time while servicing your car.

Automotive Dealership Game Set-up:

Automotive Dealership Game Set-up offers an innovative way for dealerships to engage with their customers globally. With an easy-to-use scratch-off game platform, dealerships can quickly create and distribute games to customers in-store and online.

If you come to the showroom, you can play the game there once a week!

If you’d like to participate, give us your email and phone number, and we’ll keep you in the loop. Don’t forget to agree to the T&Cs!

Everybody’s a winner here! All you have to do is fill out the easy prize claim form, and your prize will either be automatically or manually approved. Plus, the dealership has the bonus of collecting contact info from everyone who enters, which they can use for email and text message marketing.

You’re responsible for setting up the game prizes if you want to stay on budget and drive sales. Creating rewards that’ll encourage more people to buy new and used vehicles and make service appointments is essential to your success.

The rewards are huge

Giving customers a great experience and gathering their info for potential future marketing plans is a win-win.

Increase customer engagement and retention for your auto dealership promotions with scratch-off gamification

automotive industry scratch-off cards are a great way for auto dealerships to increase customer engagement and retention for their promotions.

By providing customers with a fun and interactive way to participate in promotions, such as scratch-off cards, dealerships can incentivize customers to return.

This type of gamification can also be used to boost sales and create a sense of community among customers. Moreover, by rewarding customers with prizes, dealerships can create a positive customer experience and encourage customer loyalty. Scratch-off gamification is an innovative marketing tool that can help auto dealerships boost customer engagement and retention.

An Auto Dealership might advertise digital scratch-off games to get people interested

Car dealerships have it sorted if you want to get in on some scratch-off fun. You only need to text them, scan the QR code, or opt-in to get the low-down on promotions. Then, you’ll get to play a virtual scratch-off card. Easy peasy!

Car dealerships gather auto buyers’ cell numbers and email addresses to ensure they don’t miss out on this awesome game – and all the awesome future deals!

You can find the SMS number and QR code printed on static cling labels stuck to the showroom windows and cars in the lot. They are advertised in emails, signs, print, mailers, and TV.