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Level-up your marketing with engaging gamified campaigns.

Our platform helps you execute gamified marketing campaigns for your business without hassle. Engage your audience. Attract new leads. Delight your customers.

Gamify Route - Best gamified marketing solutions

Are your current marketing campaigns not generating enough interest?

Adding gamified experiences to your marketing strategy is a quick and simple way to gain attention from your audience and boost your business.

helps to drive awareness

Drive Awareness

Grow your brand awareness with exciting experiences that keep your audience engaged.

Enhance loyalty

Enhance Loyalty

Incentivize repeat purchases and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

helps to increase revenue

Boost Revenue

Promote valuable offers with a unique gamified strategy that grows your sales.

All-in-one platform

Your complete toolkit for gamified marketing

4 engaging, easy set-up games

A range of games so you can mix things up and keep your campaigns fresh.

Scratch and Win

Peel and Reveal

Slot Machine

Spin the Wheel

easy to setup all games

Customizable microsites

Set up informative landing pages and microsites in minutes, without the help of a web developer.

Embed Youtube videos

Add your social media links

Play music directly from your streaming service (Spotify, Apple Music and more…)

customizable microsites

Versatile forms

Create simple branded forms to easily collect information from your audience.

Set up opt-in pages

Create sign-up forms

Gather first-party data

versatile forms

How does it work?

Create your campaigns in 3 simple steps

choose any game from media library

1. Choose any game from a pre-built library

Pick from 4 game templates

1. Scratch and win
2. Spin the wheel 
3. Slot machine
4. Peel and reveal

2. Customize your game

Create your own rules of play and customize the design with your branding in a drag-and-drop builder.

customize your game
share with your audience

3. Share with your audience

Distribute your game with automatically generated URLs and QR codes so you can share across any channel.

Schedule campaigns in advance

Customize search result meta descriptions and social sharing previews

Embed on your website

Built for your business

Everything you need to build, run and optimize your campaigns

Monitor and validate with ease

Prevent cheating and misuse with built-in validation tools.

Generate access codes to prevent unauthorized participation

Prevent duplicate entries with automatic user ID validation

Verify winners with unique passwords before allowing them to claim rewards

monitor and validate with ease

Comprehensive campaign insights

Track the effectiveness of all your campaigns with in-depth analytics.

See results of all your campaigns along with winners and losers

Monitor conversions to understand how many users engage from start to finish

Filter results for more detailed insights

comprehensive campaign insights

Collaborate seamlessly across workspaces

Allow your team to manage your campaigns by inviting them to your workspace.

If you’re an agency, you can create multiple workspaces for each of your clients.

collaborate with workplace

Stay on brand everywhere, all the time

Create a consistent digital experience for your audience by adding your own branding to your games, sites and forms.

They’re built to be responsive across desktop, mobile and tablet screens so you can reach your audience via any medium.

stay on brand everywhere


Automate your workflows through seamless integrations across your existing tools



Create limitless automations connecting any app or software you currently use through webhooks.



Connect to Google Sheets or Hubspot and sync data collected from participants.



Automatically notify winners and communicate important information through your email service provider.

text massages

Text message

Connect to Twilio or Plivo to incorporate gamification into your SMS marketing campaigns.

Businesses use Gamify Route for

Audience Engagement

audience engagement

Deepen relationships with your audience by introducing fun and novelty to their experience.

Brand Awareness

brand awareness

Attract attention and improve your brand’s visibility with a unique approach to marketing.

Loyalty Program

loyalty programs

Create and distribute  rewards for existing customers to increase brand loyalty.

Lead Generation

lead generation

Turn your warm traffic into leads with gamified offers.

Get personalized support and guidance

The platform is intuitive and campaigns are easy to set up and run — but if you need a little extra help our support team is always here to help you get the most out of your campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

Gamification marketing is when companies use games and game-like elements in their advertising and promotions. For example, a company might create a game that you can play on their website, and if you win, you get a discount on their products. Or they might have a loyalty program where you earn points for buying their products, and then you can redeem those points for prizes or other rewards.
In gamification marketing, campaigns are essential for achieving desired results, such as running a Christmas offer campaign. A campaign involves a coordinated set of activities and tactics aimed at promoting a product, service, or brand and achieving specific business objectives.
Yes, Gamify Route can be a great tool for solo entrepreneurs who are looking to incorporate gamification marketing into their businesses. Gamify Route offers a variety of features and tools that can help solo entrepreneurs create and manage gamification campaigns, including the ability to create custom designs, integrations, rewards and track customer engagement and behaviour.
Gamify Route's remove branding feature enables marketing agencies to fully customize the branding and messaging of their gamification campaigns by removing the Gamify Route logo and branding. This can help agencies create a more seamless and cohesive brand experience for their clients and their clients' customers.
At the moment, Gamify Route allows you to create scratch and win campaigns. However, we are currently developing new features that will enable you to create other types of gamification campaigns such as spin and wheel, slot, and peel reveal campaigns. Stay tuned for future updates!
Absolutely! We offer a 7-day free trial of Gamify Route so that you can test out our platform and see if it meets your needs before committing to a subscription. See below ...

Attract, engage and retain customers. 

Test it out for free before committing. Our support team will  be on-call if you need advice on the best way to set up your campaigns.

7- day free trial. No credit card required